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Tan Xuguang: Join Hands with Hong Kong and Macao to Promote High-end Equipment of "Good Quality of Shandong" to the World


From May 27 to 28, Tan Xuguang participated in the "2024 Hong Kong-Macao Shandong Week" series of activities in Hong Kong to promote SHIG's high-end equipment products, deepen cooperation and exchanges with all walks of life in Hong Kong, sign strategic cooperation agreements, and contribute to Shandong's high-level opening up to the outside world.

"Friendly Shandong, Good Quality of Shandong" promotion conference

In the afternoon of May 27, Tan Xuguang introduced Weichai high brake thermal efficiency diesel engines, luxury yachts and other high-end manufacturing products to Liang Zhenying, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and Lin Wu, secretary of the provincial Party Committee, at the Shandong Heavy Industry Group exhibition area of "Friendly Shandong, Good Quality of Shandong".

Strategic cooperation with China Taiping Insurance Group

In the morning of May 28, Shandong Heavy Industry Group and China Taiping Insurance Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hong Kong, in which the two sides intend to carry out in-depth global cooperation in investment and financing, insurance, export finance and other fields to promote the enterprises to be world-class together. Secretary Lin Wu, Secretary General Fan Bo, Vice Governor Song Junji, Chairman Wang Sidong and Tan Xuguang of China Taiping attended and witnessed the signing of the agreement.

Joint meeting of State-owned assets and State-owned enterprises in Hong Kong and Macao

In the afternoon of May 28, Tan Xuguang delivered a speech to promote Shandong Heavy Industry Group and welcomed friends from Hong Kong and Macao to expand cooperation between the two sides at the Hong Kong-Macao State-owned Assets and State-owned Enterprises exchange conference.

Tan Xuguang said that Hong Kong is a strategic platform for the takeoff of Shandong Heavy Industry Group's global business. Weichai Power, Sinotruk red chip and Ferretti Group of Italy are listed in Hong Kong. We have established a number of business platforms in Hong Kong that "attract from outside and connect with inside".

Shandong Heavy Industry Group looks forward to working closely with friends from all walks of life in Hong Kong and Macao to share development opportunities and win-win development achievements in a wider scope, higher level and more fields.

-- We look forward to working together to promote "Good Quality of Shandong" to the world.

-- We look forward to working together to embrace a new era of green development.

-- We look forward to working together to explore opportunities for global industrial and capital cooperation.

-- We look forward to working together to gather high-end talents from around the world.

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