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Tan Xuguang: Let China’s “Heart of Power” Surge in the World's Top Luxury Yachts of Ferretti


On May 18, 2024, Tan Xuguang, Chairman of Weichai Group and Chairman of Ferretti Group, presided over a meeting on the collaborative promotion of yachts and powertrain systems at the management headquarters in Milan. Experts from Ferretti Group and Weichai Group had efficient and practical exchanges on the comprehensive development of yacht propulsion system cooperation.

Tan Xuguang said:

It is necessary to fully tap the deep industrial technology value of the strategic restructuring between Weichai Group and Ferretti, and promote all-round and efficient coordination. Weichai should deeply understand the needs of different use scenarios and working conditions of yachts. Thinking for customers, Weichai should promote the competitiveness of powertrain system integration according to the design logic of yachts. I hope that the experts of Ferretti will come to Weifang to have face-to-face technical exchanges with Weichai engineers, make full use of Weichai's platform resources, build the core technical advantages of uniqueness, and jointly create greater value for global customers. We want to make the world's top Ferretti luxury yacht equipped with China's "heart of power". It is our initial intention of strategic restructuring Ferretti, and also our ultimate dream.

Ferretti CEO Galassi said:

We want to thank Weichai Group for providing Ferretti with a new powertrain option. We fully support Weichai's high-end high power density engines and static generator sets to be fully integrated into Ferretti, and jointly promote Ferretti's core competitiveness in the global market. I hope that the two sides will push forward the implementation of the project at full speed and ensure that the first prototype will be displayed to the world at the 2024 Cannes Yacht Show.

Zhang Quan, Vice Chairman of Weichai Power, and head of Ferretti's sales, technology, procurement, production, operation and other businesses, and relevant technical management of Weichai Group attended the meeting.

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