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Tan Xuguang: Travel towards the Ocean of Stars that are Future Technologies


At 10:00 am on April 16, Weichai Power Future Technology Test Laboratory officially opened. Tan Xuguang attended the opening event and gave a speech.

Tan Xuguang and Sun Nannan, assistant general manager of Weichai Power and president of Future Technology Research Institute, jointly unveiled the laboratory.

Tan Xuguang said that the official opening of the laboratory is an important milestone for Weichai to lead the energy reform in the "dual-carbon" era and promote Shandong Heavy Industry Group's vehicle and machinery business to the world class. The laboratory should speed up to build a platform for first-class achievements, speed up to build a center for innovation resources collaboration, and speed up to build a base for top brain incubation.

Tan Xuguang called on all engineers of Weichai.


After the event, Tan Xuguang and the team visited Weichai Power Future Technology Test Laboratory.

Guo Shenggang, deputy general manager and chief designer of Weichai Power, reported on the facilities and capabilities of Weichai Power Future Technology Laboratory.

Wang Decheng, general manager and CEO of Weichai Power, presided over the event. Weichai related management teams, R&D system management, and all Ph.Ds, a total of more than 260 people participated in the event. The online broadcast has been watched for more than 5 million times.

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