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Tan Xuguang: Shandong Natives Join Forces to Venture into the International Market!


From March 13 to 14, Tan Xuguang led the teams from Shandong Heavy Industry and Weichai Power in Singapore to visit the Shandong-based private enterprise Winning International Group and Nanshan Group's Singapore company to have in-depth discussions about Shandong Heavy Industry's subsidiary equipment products providing a support service system for overseas markets, and a series of strategic cooperations were reached.

Tan Xuguang Visits Winning International Group in Singapore

On the morning of March 14, Tan Xuguang visited the Winning International headquarters in Singapore, where he was received by the Chairman of Winning International Group, Sun Xiushun. Teams from both sides engaged in in-depth discussions.

Winning International is a diversified multinational group that incorporates shipping operations, mining development, and ship management. Sun Xiushun stated that Winning International has a complete mining supply system in Guinea and hopes that Shandong Heavy Industry can provide equipment and service guarantees. "We feel more confident using equipment made by our own people from Shandong," he said.

Tan Xuguang pledged to actively cooperate with Winning International's iron ore project in Guinea and immediately dispatched a working group to visit and support the site. He stated, "We are all natives of Shandong, and we should join hands to explore the international market together."

After the discussions, Sun Zhijun, Vice President of Winning International, and Zhang Gengsheng, Deputy General Manager of Shandong Heavy Industry, respectively represented both parties in signing the agreement.

Tan Xuguang Visits Nanshan Group's Singapore Company

On the afternoon of March 13th, Tan Xuguang visited the Singapore company of Nanshan Group, where he was warmly received by Nanshan Group Chairman Song Jianbo and Executive Director of Nanshan Group's Singapore company Sui Yongqing. The parties exchanged views on expanding cooperation on the Indonesian mineral industry park project.

Song Jianbo expressed the hope that Shandong Heavy Industry would provide a complete package of all equipment and machinery, with unified sales, branding, and services. "This will give us greater confidence", he said.

Tan Xuguang responded, "We will certainly satisfy your expectations." The subsidiaries under Shandong Heavy Industry will engage in comprehensive strategic cooperation with Nanshan Group's Singapore company, and a strategic cooperation agreement will be signed within one month.

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