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Tan Xuguang: Let Weichai Marine Power Shine Globally




At 11:30 AM on March 13, Weichai held a launch event for its brand-new WH17 series of high-end marine engines at the Asia Pacific Maritime Exhibition in Singapore, with Tan Xuguang delivering an address and performing the ribbon-cutting for the new product. Representatives from industry associations, major clients, and agents from countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, and Australia participated in the event.

Tan Xuguang stated that Weichai's high-end marine power systems are designed to create greater value for customers worldwide. He made four solemn commitments to global clients:

  Weichai will service customers with a full range of marine power products!

  Weichai will offer the widest application range and optimal solutions in marine power, satisfying customers even more!

  Weichai's marine power systems will be the most environmentally friendly, the most reliable, and the most fuel-efficient, allowing customers to earn more!

  Weichai's marine power services will be the fastest, most efficient, and most professional, giving customers greater peace of mind!

Tan Xuguang, alongside the President of Singapore's Penguin Shipyard - Tan Teck Chong, Chairman of Indonesia's Triangle Shipyard - Chen Desheng, Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Shipbuilding and Maritime Industry Association - Michael Sutandar, and Deputy General Manager of Vietnam's Mei Rong Machinery Company - Nguyen Long Khai, jointly performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the brand-new 6WH17 product release.

Having deeply cultivated the Southeast Asian market for over 50 years in marine propulsion and power generation, Weichai's medium-speed marine engines rank among the top three in global sales and number one in market share in the Asia-Pacific region. The newly released WH17 series showcases Weichai's latest generation of marine engines with strong power, green energy-saving features, stability, reliability, and smart connectivity, designed for a variety of application scenarios. This series will provide Southeast Asian customers with the most competitively valuable world-class marine power solutions.

The Asia Pacific Maritime Exhibition (APM) in Singapore is the largest and most influential international maritime exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. This exhibition attracted participation from over 1,600 leading maritime companies from more than 60 countries worldwide.

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