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Tan Xuguang: We Aim to Crafting Products with High Added Value in Indonesia, Cultivate Customer Loyalty Through Our Distinguished Brand!


On the afternoon of March 12, Tan Xuguang, in a collaborative dialogue at the Shandong Heavy Industry Singapore Operations Center, deliberated with Charles Menaro, Chairman of the Meratus Group of Indonesia, on the advancement of the China National Heavy Duty Truck's commercial vehicles localization project in Indonesia. The discussion also ventured into exploring collaborative opportunities with Weichai Power for marine engines.

Charles Menaro expressed his aspirations for establishing a long-lasting and stable strategic partnership with Shandong Heavy Industry. He conveyed his strong confidence in the venture, pledging to drive the project forward with utmost efficiency to cultivate Southeast Asia's most competitive commercial vehicle manufacturing hub.

Tan Xuguang assured, "You are welcome to bring any product quality concerns to my attention at any moment; we have instituted a dedicated 24-hour task force to work in tandem with your team. The Indonesia-based project for commercial vehicles must demonstrate swifter operational efficiency, our marine engine solutions should generate greater value for you, and our construction machinery products are aimed at achieving your complete satisfaction!"

Tan Xuguang: Weichai's Singapore Data Engineering Center must establish its generator sets as a global brand.

Tan Xuguang also conducted a dedicated review of the global branding strategy for the generator sets at the Data Engineering Center, as presented by the management teams from France's Baudouin, America's PSI, and Weichai Singapore. Tan Xuguang declared that it is crucial to harness the opportunities presented by the dawn of the AI era to establish a high-end backup generator set as a globally recognized brand.

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