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Tan Xuguang: Let the Engineers of Sinotruk Boldly Explore and Take Adventures


At 10:00 am on March 2, Sinotruk 2024 Annual Science and Technology Innovation Award Conference was held in Shandong Hall. 43.6 million yuan was awarded to major scientific research achievements and outstanding scientific and technological talents, and two special prizes were awarded 10 million yuan each. Liu Qiang, member of the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Jinan Municipal Party Committee, presented the award to the winners of the Special Prize for scientific and technological progress. Yu Haitian, Deputy Secretary of Jinan Municipal Committee and Mayor, delivered a speech. Tan Xuguang delivered a scientific and technological innovation work report on "Down-to-Earth Meeting of Scientific and technological Changes" to the conference.

Secretary Liu Qiang presented the award to the representatives of Sinotruk 2024 Science and Technology Progress Special Award.

In his speech, Mayor Yu Haitian said that Jinan Municipal Party Committee and municipal government will fully support Sinotruk to make further progress and jointly write a new chapter of win-win cooperation between enterprises and local government.

Tan Xuguang presented the letter of appointment to the craftsmen representatives of Sinotruk.

Tan Xuguang said in the scientific and technological innovation work report that the engineer spirit should be passed on from generation to generation in Sinotruk and span the century!

Tan Xuguang issued a call to all engineers of Sinotruk.


Sinotruk excellent engineer representative Sun Lei read the "Sinotruk Engineer Proposal".

Relevant leaders of Jinan City, relevant management and all R&D personnel of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and ownership enterprises in Shandong, relevant management and all R&D personnel of Sinotruk, a total of more than 16,000 people, attended the meeting online and offline.

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