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Tan Xuguang: Zhongtong Bus Needs to Export High-quality Products to Saudi Arabia


In the afternoon of February 29, Tan Xuguang went to Liaocheng to arrange the production of Zhongtong’s 1000-unit export orders to Saudi Arabia and check the quality of vehicles on site.

At the subsequent meeting of Zhongtong bus management, Tan Xuguang listened to the work report of the management team, and made comments on the results of the substantial growth of Zhongtong bus sales in January and February, giving full affirmation.

Tan Xuguang summarized the development of Zhongtong bus in the past four years, and pointed out the key to the contradiction. Tan Xuguang said that Zhongtong Bus should comprehensively use Yutong as a benchmark, learn from Yutong, pay close attention to export, aim at the recovery growth opportunities of the tourism vehicle market, accelerate the transformation from low value-added products to high value-added products, use reform to foster endogenous impetus, walk the road that others have not walked before, wake up in the temporary pain, and find hope in the waking moment.

Zhongtong Bus mid and senior management, and technical, marketing backbone staff attended, more than 90 people in total.

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