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Tan Xuguang: "Laying out Weichai's Global Strategy for the Next Decade!"


In the afternoon of February 13, Tan Xuguang presided over a special meeting with the chief representatives of the group's overseas subsidiaries. He listened to work reports from representatives in Europe, France, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and other locations and provided feedback to each.

Tan Xuguang's Review of the Chief Representative in Europe:

"The goal of all our overseas businesses is to synergistically enhance and propel the growth of the larger group. Our personnel stationed abroad should not merely aspire for higher positions but should first assess the synergistic value they have contributed to headquarters."

Tan Xuguang's Review of the Chief Representative in Italy:

"It is essential to form a high-quality overseas management team that excels in leadership, possesses robust business capabilities, understands international governance, and is well-versed in local laws and regulations."

Tan Xuguang's Review of the Tokyo Innovation Center:

"The overseas innovation centers must align with the group's strategic planning matrix. They should ensure proper integration with the headquarters in areas such as project management and IT platforms, with the aim of generating revenue by creating value for everyone involved."

Tan Xuguang's Review of the Baudouin Company in France:

"Chief overseas representatives must master the art of steering the local management teams to operate in line with the group's strategic directives, rather than acting on their own impulses."

Tan Xuguang's Review of Weichai Singapore:

"We need overseas representatives who are courageous enough to disclose problems, as these cannot be eternally concealed or suppressed."

Tan Xuguang's Review of the Global Brand Communication Center:

"There must be a readiness to invest in the creation of platforms, the marketing of products, the establishment of the brand, and the realization of value-added services."

Representatives and pertinent personnel from thirteen overseas subsidiaries, including KION in Germany, Ferretti in Italy, Baudouin in France, and PSI in the United States, attended the meeting.

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