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Tan Xuguang: "We Have to Work With Utter Dedication!"


On February 12, Tan Xuguang visited Weichai Group to express his regards to frontline workers who were working overtime. His tour included visits to No.1 Factory, No. 2 Factory, the Baudouin Company, the Data Engineering Center, Building F Product Testing Center, the Power Equipment Company, and the Westport New Energy Company.

During his visit to No.1 Factory, Tan Xuguang emphasized the importance of arranging production scientifically and in an orderly manner using ergonomics, with product quality being the utmost priority.

At No. 2 Factory, Tan Xuguang pointed out that robots should not be used for mere spectacle; they should be focused on enhancing value creation and saving manpower for new opportunities in after-market services.

While at the Baudouin Company, Tan Xuguang addressed the factory director, stating, "If you cannot even clearly explain the production scheduling for the current month, perhaps it's time for you to step down from your post! Young cadres must lead solidly and avoid self-directing and self-acting scenarios."

In the Data Engineering Center, Tan Xuguang referred to the database as the "nuclear arsenal" of the company, underscoring the importance of securing it at all costs and using data to empower value enhancement.

In the soon-to-be-commissioned Building F Product Testing Center, Tan Xuguang remarked that the laboratory has the capability to conduct tests at the highest global industry standards and urged the team to make full use of it.

At the Power Equipment Company, Tan Xuguang discussed the need to accelerate product structure adjustments, focus on major products while phasing out smaller ones, and increase the sales force for high value-added products.

Furthermore, at the Westport New Energy Company, Tan Xuguang reiterated that production safety must always be the top priority.

Company leaders Zhang Quan, Ma Changhai, Wang Jian, and Wang Yanlei accompanied him during the visits.

In the afternoon, Tan Xuguang chaired a Weichai Group office meeting to address and rectify the issue of young cadres engaging in "self-directing and self-acting" behaviors.

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