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Tan Xuguang Extends New Year Greetings: "Happy New Year to You All, Thank You for Your Hard Work"


In the afternoon of February 9, Chinese New Year's Eve at 2:00 PM, Tan Xuguang, leading a team of 20,000 scientific and technical staff members and executive leaders from the 8 domestic companies under the group's jurisdiction, extended New Year greetings to 1,500 scientific and technical personnel who were persevering in the frontline of high-cold condition testing, as well as to the marketing warriors overseas who were seizing orders in the international market.

Tan Xuguang expressed his sentiments: "At the moment when the whole nation is celebrating the Spring Festival, we are especially thinking of our comrades who are steadfast in their dedication to the group's scientific and technological innovation cause, enduring temperatures below minus 40 degrees in extremely cold regions, and those struggling to expand our markets in over 150 countries around the globe. On behalf of the entire leadership team and representing 150,000 employees worldwide, I extend New Year greetings to you all. I hope you will pay close attention to personal safety abroad, resolutely shoulder the important responsibilities, and contribute to Shandong Heavy Industry's strong start in the first quarter and to our country's equipment manufacturing industry's leadership position."

Researchers from Weichai Power's Hailar Cold Region Test Site in Inner Mongolia, Sinotruk's Mohe Cold Region Test Site in Heilongjiang, Shantui's CIS High Cold Region Product Adaptability Validation Site, and Zhongtong Bus's Heihe Cold Region Test Site in Heilongjiang reported on the product field testing conditions to the group and extended New Year greetings to all employees.

Group leaders who were researching markets and working alongside overseas employees in countries such as Tanzania, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Australia reported on the progress of their work.

During the Spring Festival period, more than 80 leaders from Shandong Heavy Industry and its affiliated companies traveled to challenging overseas markets to conduct research and visit customers.

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