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Tan Xuguang: Collaborating with Garrett to Create the Optimal Solutions in the New Energy Sector


On February 7, Tan Xuguang engaged in a discussion with Garrett's Global CEO, Ruben Lien, at the Weichai Power Industrial Park.

Tan Xuguang remarked that:

Weichai has completed its multi-energy power layout, and its large bore, high power density engines have for the first time penetrated the high-end market of global data engineering centers. Garrett is a world-leading provider of turbocharging technologies. He expressed the hope that both parties would expand their cooperation across multiple domains and jointly lead the industry's development in the new energy era.

Olivier Rabiller commented that

Weichai and Garrett have a profound foundation for cooperation, and he is deeply impressed by Weichai's rapid development and future industry layout. He hopes that both sides will strengthen their collaboration in both traditional and new energy sectors. Garrett will provide the most advantageous technology and products to support Weichai's journey towards becoming a world-class enterprise.

During his visit to Weichai Power's Binhai Industrial Park and the High-Tech Industrial Park, Olivier Rabiller highly praised Weichai's research and development, testing, and manufacturing capabilities.

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