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Jinan City Engages in Discussion and Exchange with Shandong Heavy Industry Group


On February 6, a discussion and exchange session was held between Jinan City and Shandong Heavy Industry, as well as Sinotruk Group. Liu Qiang, a Standing Committee member of the Shandong Provincial Committee and Secretary of the Jinan Municipal Committee, attended the meeting along with Tan Xuguang, who holds the positions of Party Secretary, Chairman, and General Manager of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, Chairman of Sinotruk Group, and Chairman of Weichai Group.

Liu Qiang congratulated Shandong Heavy Industry Group and Sinotruk Group on their achievements over the past year. He noted that Jinan City had focused on enhancing a modern industrial system and accelerating the release of intrinsic growth factors over the past year, thus maintaining an economic operation that consistently showed improvements in quality and quantity. These accomplishments would not have been possible without the strong support and active contributions from numerous enterprises, including Shandong Heavy Industry Group and Sinotruk Group.

Tan Xuguang expressed his gratitude to the Jinan Municipal Committee and Municipal Government for their consistent concern and support for business development and briefly summarized the past year's production and operational status of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and Sinotruk Group. He affirmed that the groups are committed to fully leveraging their strengths to expedite high-quality development and to make new, more significant contributions to the development of a strong provincial capital. He hopes that Jinan City will continue to support the growth of businesses, aiming to achieve mutual benefit and win-win outcomes for both enterprises and the local area.

Jinan City officials, including Wang Hongzhi and Xie Kun, as well as other pertinent leaders such as Wang Tao and Wang Zhijian from Shandong Heavy Industry and Sinotruk Group, attended the meeting.

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