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Tan Xuguang: All Overseas Enterprises of the Group should Strive for Global First-class


On February 3, Tan Xuguang chaired a meeting at Weichai to listen to the work reports of the CEOs of KION, Linde Hydraulics, Baudouin, PSI, Weichai America and other companies.

For the global energy and power equipment business, Tan Xuguang said that Baudouin, PSI, Weichai Singapore should closely cooperate with the headquarters in product technology, business model, after-market services and other aspects of the shortcomings, to help the Group’s engine business to achieve strategic transformation.

For the 2024 budget of KION and Linde Hydraulics, Tan Xuguang said that KION and Linde Hydraulics must play a good role in the strategic initiative of China and Europe's "dual supply chain", play a combination of "technical characteristics, cost advantages, efficient delivery, and customer satisfaction", and strive to be the world's first brand.

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