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Tan Xuguang: As Long as It Is Done by Our R&D Personnel, We Will Boldly Reward Them!


In the morning of February 2, Weichai Group 2024 Science and Technology Innovation Award Conference was held in Weifang Grand Theatre, with 65 million yuan rewards for major scientific research achievements and outstanding scientific and technological talents, and 5 million yuan rewards for each of the three special prize projects. Liu Yun, Secretary of Weifang Municipal Party Committee, attended the conference and made a speech. Tan Xuguang made a scientific and technological innovation work report on "Vigorously Promoting the Spirit of Engineers and Accelerating towards World-class Technology and Strong Enterprises".

Liu Yun presented awards to the winners of the Weichai Science and Technology Special Award. In his speech, he recalled Weichai's scientific and technological innovation and reform and development process, and said that the municipal Party committee and the municipal government have given the best resources and provided the best services to fully support Weichai to continue to write a new legend and realize a centennial dream.

Tan Xuguang said that Weichai's engineer spirit should be integrated into the blood and passed on for a hundred years.

Tan Xuguang called on site.


Tan Xuguang issued the appointment letter to the newly hired Weichai Excellent Engineers and Weichai Young Excellent Engineers.

Dr. Pang Bin, representative of Weichai Young Outstanding Engineers, red the "Weichai Engineer Proposal".

Relevant leaders of Weifang City, Shandong Heavy Industry Group headquarters and Provincial secondary ownership company management teams, all the management and R&D technical backbones of Weichai's ownership companies, technical personnel of Shacman, Fast, Hande Axle and other companies, a total of more than 18,000 people attended the meeting online and offline.

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