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Tan Xuguang: Entrepreneurs Should Always Keep Strong Fighting Spirit and Fearlessness, Absorb Nutrients, Cooperate, Communicate, and Challenge Difficulties


On January 30, 95 people, including Zhang Mingrui, president of Tianjin Pharmaceutical Group, Kong Na, chairman of Angel Group, Hao Xiaowei, general manager of Robust Company, went to Weichai to learn and exchange experiences in the reform and development of state-owned enterprises. Tan Xuguang was invited to share the "Entrepreneurship in the New Era".

Tan Xuguang talks about five experiences of managing teams

Zhang Mingrui said

At Weichai, we see pragmatic management, leading technology, customer satisfaction, and national brands. Under the leadership of Chairman Tan, Weichai has strategy, culture, tools and methods, and has gathered a group of Weichai people striving towards a common goal. Tianjin Pharmaceutical should deeply understand the entrepreneurial spirit and the spirit of Weichai, and promote the new vitality of the traditional Chinese medicine brand with a sense of urgency against time.

Kong Na said

Weichai's R&D innovation system, digital and intelligent manufacturing capabilities, and quality standards are the benchmark for our learning. Chairman Tan's strategic vision, global vision, reform and entrepreneurial passion set an example for our younger generation. We should learn from Weichai, increase investment in research and development, master core technology, and serve customers with the best products.

The business leaders of Weichai shared the Group's experience in WOS quality management mode, management construction, corporate culture, intelligent manufacturing and other fields.

Before the meeting, the guests visited Weichai Industrial Park.

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