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Tan Xuguang: Join Hands with Jardine C&C to Help Singapore Build Green Transport and Zero-carbon Future


In the afternoon of January 25, Shandong Heavy Industry Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement and a purchase agreement for 120 units of ZTO new energy buses with Jardine C&C of Singapore. Zong Changqing, Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, Fu Siren, Managing Director of Southeast Asia of Jardine C&C Singapore, and Tan Xuguang attended the event and delivered speeches.

Zong Changqing said

It is hoped that Jardine C&C and Shandong Heavy Industry Group will further deepen cooperation, contribute to the development of bilateral economic and trade relations, and set a good example of win-win cooperation between Chinese and Singaporean enterprises.

Tan Xuguang said

Based in Singapore and covering Southeast Asia, we have been deeply cultivated for more than 30 years and become the Chinese industrial equipment enterprise with the widest product launch, the highest share and the best brand reputation in the Southeast Asian market. In the future, Shandong Heavy Industry Group will take root in Singapore and contribute to Singapore's green transportation together with Jardine C&C.

Fu Siren said

This partnership marks a significant milestone for Jardine C&C's passenger bus business. In the future, we hope to maintain a long-term strategic partnership with Shandong Heavy Industry Group, work together to deepen friendship and share success in Singapore and Southeast Asian markets.

Shandong Heavy Industry Group and its subsidiary Zhongtong Bus signed strategic cooperation and bus purchase agreements with Jardine C&C respectively.

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