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Tan Xuguang: SHIG Singapore Operation Center Will Ignite the "Rocket Engine" for SHIG's Southeast Asia business


At 11:18 am on January 24, Shandong Heavy Industry Group's Singapore Operation Center was unveiled in the new office building. Shandong Heavy Industry Group’s related management, KION’s Singapore team, Singapore Operation Center employees attended the event.

Tan Xuguang said

The establishment of the Singapore Operation Center is the qualitative transformation of the Group's more than 30 years of deep cultivation in the Southeast Asian market. We will establish an operation platform in Singapore that integrates financial trade, information sharing, parts logistics, technical services and brand communication, fully supporting the rapid development of the Group in the Southeast Asian market, and contributing to the high-quality construction of the "Belt and Road".

Tan Xuguang and Xue Hua, General Manager of Weichai Singapore, jointly inaugurated the Singapore Operations Center.

Tan Xuguang listened to the work report of KION Singapore team and Singapore Operation Center management team.

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