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Tan Xuguang: I’m finally in Jakarta Again after 33 Years


From January 20 to 21, Tan Xuguang was in Jakarta, Indonesia to arrange the export business of various affiliated enterprises in the Southeast Asian market. He listened to the work reports of these enterprises, communicated with major customers one by one, and visited Astra International.

Tan Xuguang said

In 1991, I was based in Jakarta for a year to work on product services. And today, 33 years later, I am back in Jakarta. With more than 30 years of experience, we have successfully transformed from a diesel engine seller to the high-end equipment solutions provider.

Tan Xuguang met with strategic partners in the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and other regions. He exchanged product status in the local application with them, listened to customer demands and did on-site telephone scheduling of enterprises in China to immediately solve the problem and make customer needs the center of work. Tan Xuguang said to the customer, I am a general salesman of all our products.

In the afternoon, Tan Xuguang led a team to Astra International seeking broader and deeper cooperation in the future.

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