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Tan Xuguang: Link the World with Science and Technology


In the morning of October 8, Weichai Power Tokyo Science and Technology Innovation Center held its 5th anniversary celebration and moved into a new office building with larger scale and better facilities. External independent directors of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, heads of global subsidiaries, and senior Japanese experts attended the event and visited the new innovation center.

On June 20, 2018, Weichai Tokyo Innovation Center was officially established, which is the Group's third overseas science and technology innovation center after Aachen Center in Germany and Chicago Center in the United States. It is an important part of Weichai's global collaborative research and development system, and an important symbol of Weichai moving towards the forefront of world science and technology.

At the celebration, Japanese senior modeling expert Ishiwatu said in a speech that Japan's world-class experts in different fields gather at Weichai Power Tokyo Science and Technology Innovation Center, and everyone's common goal is to give full play to Japan's technological advantages and use their life's energy to promote the scientific and technological development of Weichai Group.

Tan Xuguang said that the establishment of a science and technology innovation center in Tokyo has proved to be a correct strategic choice. The development of science and technology promotes the global industrial upgrading, and we must create scientific and technological achievements that lead the industry through global science and technology cooperation, and provide more satisfactory products for global customers. In the face of the future intelligent world, we must challenge high-tech, meet new competition, and promote new achievements.

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