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Tan Xuguang: Work Hard in the Fourth Quarter to Comprehensively Exceed the Best Level in History


In the morning of October 7, 2023, the first day of work after the National Day, Shandong Heavy Industry and Weichai Power held a global video mobilization conference for the fourth quarter. The main venue was located in Tokyo, Japan, and Tan Xuguang made a mobilization speech, requiring to work hard in the fourth quarter to make the indicators comprehensively exceed the best level in history. More than 3,000 people at home and abroad participated in the conference online and offline.

In the first three quarters, the Group continued to maintain high-quality development, showing "three highlights":

Tan Xuguang said that the group should mobilize all, seamlessly cooperate, race against the clock and sprint to complete the annual budget target with high quality.

1. Resolutely win the battle to increase domestic market share

In the fourth quarter, we should go all out to ensure that the market share of domestic business is fully improved.

2. Strive to win the battle of 100 billion yuan of exporting

Product export is the first strategy now. We need to allocate resources in an overwhelming situation, and the overseas market share should be greatly increased.

3. Strive to win the battle of market delivery

Highlight the solution to the problem of the safety of the supply of spare parts, highlight theproblem of efficiently meeting the market changes of the production organization system, highlight the problem of quality consistency caused by carelessness, and highlight the problem of safe production and logistics support during high production.

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