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Tan Xuguang: Join Hands with Woodward to Create World-class Clean Energy Powertrain


In the afternoon of October 2, Tan Xuguang and Chip Blankenship, chairman, president and CEO of Woodward, had a discussion at Weichai Power Industrial Park.

Chip Blankenship said that Weichai has always been their most important customer, and it was his first exchange with Weichai after joining Woodward. Weichai's advanced research and development and manufacturing level impressed him. Choosing Weichai is choosing the future. No matter how the situation changes, they will unswervingly provide Weichai with technical and product support for clean energy powertrain systems.

Woodward has maintained a good cooperative relationship with Weichai, Mr. Tan said. The two sides have jointly created leading technologies and products, which have won high recognition from our customers. The Chinese market has broad prospects. It is hoped that the two sides will strengthen cooperation on clean energy power, further expand cooperation space, and launch more products that satisfy customers.

Before the meeting, Chip Blankenship visited the Weichai Power Industrial Park.

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