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Tan Xuguang: Build First-class Global Market and Technology Sharing Platform Ecology


At 3:00 PM on October 1, 2023, the launch meeting of Shandong Heavy Industry - Weichai Power Marketing and Product Technology Communication Meeting was held in Weichai Power Industrial Park, and Tan Xuguang made a keynote speech. Technical and marketing personnel from all ownership companies and R&D centers around the world attended the conference.


Build six world-class business competitiveness on the road to the world-class

The core of the Group's strategy to win the global competition is to strive for first-class vehicles and machineries;

The powertrain business needs to truly establish a gold industry chain with global integrated design;

The breakthrough of new energy is a life-and-death battle that must be won;

New science and technology should have a disruptive and leading technology reserve;

Controlling the key components of the industrial chain is the only way to ensure strategic security;

The after-market business is the strategic increment with the most room to explore;

Create competitiveness for three efficient and sharing platforms

Global collaborative shared R&D platform

Secure and controllable shared supply chain platform

A shared digital platform through the whole line

This meeting will facilitate four changes

From powertrain business orientation to vehicle and machinery business driven;

From domestic oriented thinking to global integrated thinking;

From focusing on current business to strengthening future technology;

From independent research and development to open and sharing platforms;

Subsequently, 7 overseas experts made technical sharing.

Before the meeting, Tan Xuguang had a discussion with technical experts from overseas subsidiaries and R&D centers.

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