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Tan Xuguang: Build a Bridge of Cooperation between Chinese and Vietnamese Enterprises with Advanced Products and Technologies


In the afternoon of July 16, 2023, Tan Xuguang visited Truong Hai Group, the largest automobile company in Vietnam, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and had in-depth exchanges with Trần Bá Dương, Chairman of Truong Hai Group, on further expanding strategic cooperation between the two sides.

Trần Bá Dương said that Truong Hai Group and Weichai Group have accumulated great friendship after ten years of cooperation, and Weichai engine has won the recognition and favor of Vietnamese customers in the competition of international brands. It is a well-known technical model of Chinese manufacturing. He hopes that the two sides will explore broader cooperation space in the fields of full range of engines and commercial vehicles based on the demand of the Vietnamese market in the future.

Tan Xuguang says that Truong Hai Group has always been the closest partner of Weichai in Vietnam, and he hopes that the two sides can deepen comprehensive strategic cooperation, expand the whole industrial chain from engines to commercial vehicles, transform from product trade to deep localization, and build a bridge of cooperation between Chinese and Vietnamese enterprises with advanced products and technologies.

In the morning of July 16, Tan Xuguang visited Weichai Power's Ho Chi Minh city office. Relevant leaders of Weichai Group and Sinotruk participated in the activity.

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