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Good News: Weichai Wins the "Demonstration Level" Achievement of National Quality Trustworthy Team Construction Again


Recently, the 2023 National Quality Trustworthy Team Construction experience exchange activity organized by the China Quality Association was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Weichai won two demonstration level (first prize) and four professional level (second prize) achievements, achieving a new breakthrough in the construction of National Quality Trustworthy Teams.

Quality trustworthy team construction work aims to improve the quality of products and services provided by the team and improve the basic management level of enterprises. A total of 188 achievements were announced during the exchange, covering many industries such as automobile manufacturing, power supply, locomotive transportation, coal mining, and chemical raw materials.

All along, Weichai has focused on quality culture construction, personnel quality training, product and service quality management, customer relationship management and other basic management processes, and improved the on-site management system, forming a unique, scalable and replicable on-site management model, consolidating the production and manufacturing foundation, and helping enterprises to develop in high quality.

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