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Tan Xuguang: Young Management Should Take the Lead in High-quality Development


At 2:00 PM on June 30, 2023, on the occasion of the 102nd birthday of the Communist Party of China, Tan Xuguang, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, delivered a speech titled " Young Management Should Take the Lead in High-quality Development" for the majority of young management.

How do young management work?

To have a dream: Fight for the "bigger picture" and integrate personal dreams into the mission of the times, industries and country, and you will enjoy the happiness of success in life. There will be no fatigue, no sense of loss, and no feeling of loneliness.

To be resilient: Not only should you do well in the good times, you should also not be confused in the bad times. You should do well in the traditional business, and you should also be fearless in the new business. You should enjoy ecology, but also adapt to ecological changes.

To have a broader mind: international vision, strategic vision, keen sense, broad mind.

To know how to fight: fight with ecology, fight with the market, fight with science and technology, fight with capital.

How do young management behave?

Focus on cultivating moral character

Active communication

Always be grateful

Resist all temptations

Tan Xuguang said that on the afternoon of June 26 this year, the General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out during a collective conversation with members of the new leadership team of the League Central Committee that only when young people have ideals, dare to take responsibility, can they bear hardships and be willing to work hard can they have strength and hope for the development of the cause of the Party and the country. The majority of young management of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, especially the new young management at all levels, should seriously study and understand this paragraph and combined it with today's lessons to find the right way, make up for the shortcomings, take on the responsibility, and bravely go ahead.

Representatives of new young management at all levels made statements respectively.

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