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Tan Xuguang: Achieve Win-win in cooperation with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle’s Traton Group!


From May 23 to 24, 2023, Christian Levin, Chairman and CEO of Traton Group, a commercial vehicle manufacturer affiliated to Volkswagen Group, and President and CEO of Scania Commercial Vehicle Group visited Sinotruk. Tan Xuguang, CPC Committee Secretary and Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, Chairman of Weichai Group and Chairman of Sinotruk Group, had in-depth discussions and exchanges with the visiting party.

”The achievements Sinotruk has made in the past few years in various aspects, including the upmarket trucks, are exciting and we have a lot of respect for them,' Mr. Levin said. “We hope that the two sides will continue to explore in-depth cooperation in commercial vehicles, power chain, new energy and other fields. I believe that both sides will surely have a win-win future.”

Tan Xuguang said that since the cooperation in 2009, MAN Commercial Vehicle Group has provided technical support to Sinotruk, and we are deeply grateful. The success of a person and a business is about being humble and constantly learning from others. I always adhere to the concept of "competition and cooperation". We will discuss cooperation and resource sharing with Traton Group in more fields with an open attitude. The customer is my "God", our ultimate goal is to make the customer willing to buy the products.


Christian Levin visited the Future Technology Exhibition Hall of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and the new base of Sinotruk's intelligent network (new energy) heavy-duty truck business in Laiwu, Jinan. Sinotruk Group CPC Committee Secretary and General Manager Wang Zhijian accompanied.

At the invitation of Chairman Tan Xuguang, Alexander Vlaskamp, Chairman and CEO of MAN Commercial Vehicles Group, visited Weichai Group and saw the Material Molding Center, High-end Heavy-duty Engine Intelligent Manufacturing Plant, Linde Hydraulic Industrial Park, Fuel Cell Production Base, Cutting-edge Technology Exhibition Hall, Product Testing Center, Quality Research Center, etc. Zhang Quan, Executive CEO of Weichai Power, and Ma Changhai, CPC Committee Secretary and General manager of Weichai Group accompanied.

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