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Shandong Heavy Industry Group Holds Special Meeting on Work Safety


At 8:30 on May 4, 2023, Shandong Heavy Industry Group held a special meeting on work safety, quickly conveyed and implemented the spirit of the Shandong province special video conference on work safety, and remobilized, redeployed and reassured the Group's safety work. More than 700 people from the Group headquarters and the ownership companies in Shandong participated in the meeting online and offline.

The meeting requires: The Group should strictly implement the spirit of the special video conference on work safety at all levels, constantly strengthen the strong sense of responsibility and extreme sense of urgency in safety work. Always put "realistic" and "detailed" in the first place with the strictest standards, requirements and measures, firmly observe the bottom line of safety, pay close attention to centralized investigation, reassure safety responsibility, speed up safety response, and never take any blood sales revenue. Build a strong safety barrier for high-quality development with the spirit of always being at alert.

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