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Tan Xuguang: Create New Achievements of High-quality Development with the Spirit of Models, Hard Work and Craftsmanship


In the morning of May 3, 2023, Tan Xuguang made a special trip to visit the National May Day Labor Medal winners of Weichai Group, Shandong Province Model Workers and representatives of Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agricultural Technology which won the National May Day Labor Award, to talk with them and take a group photo.

Tan Xuguang said, you are the best of Weichai technology front. At Weichai, a business platform, you have made great achievements in science and technology with your ability and efforts. Scientific and technological workers should always bear the responsibility in mind from the society, vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor and craftsman, and create new achievements of high-quality development of enterprises.

Later, Tan Xuguang went to Weichai High-end HD Vehicle Engine Intelligent Manufacturing Factory and Weichai Material Molding Company to visit the front-line employees who were working overtime during the "May Day" Labor Day and communicated with craftsmen and workers on site.

To make a strong country, you need great craftsmen, Tan said. We need to create the best environment for industrial workers in the new era, so that they can focus on one thing without distractions, and train more prominent craftsmen and skilled craftsmen in the high-end equipment field.

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