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Tan Xuguang Leads Team to Visit Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group in Japan


In the morning of April 27, 2023, Tan led his team to visit Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group in Sagamihara, Japan, and had a discussion and exchange with Furushimoto Tsuyoshi, president of Engine and Turbocharger Company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Tan said Shandong Heavy Industry Group has always held Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in high regard, and the visit is aimed at expanding cooperation between the two sides. He hopes that the two sides will uphold the concept of competition and cooperation for win-win results, promote cooperation in parts and other business areas, and jointly meet the challenges of global internal combustion engine emissions upgrade and thermal efficiency improvement.

Furushimoto said that Weichai is a global development of the company with a lot of business being the world's first, and Weichai’s strategy is a good reference for Mitsubishi. They will do their best to promote the expansion of supply chain and technical cooperation between the two sides.

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