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Tan Xuguang: Toyota Motor and Weichai Power Will Jointly Promote China's Hydrogen Society Construction


From April 25 to 26, 2023, Tan Xuguang led his technical team to Tokyo and Toyota City, Japan to visit Toyota’s automobile and hydrogen fuel cell production bases.

In the afternoon of April 25, the new president of Toyota Motor, Sato Seiji, held a working meeting with Tan Xuguang at its Tokyo headquarters. The two sides exchanged their respective hydrogen fuel cell development strategies. 'China will lead the world in carbon-neutral technology, and Toyota will work with Weichai to contribute to accelerating carbon neutrality,' Sato said. Tan Xuguang said that Weichai led the construction of the National Fuel cell Technology Innovation Center to undertake major national projects for fuel cells, and is also the lead in the “Hydrogen for Every Household” project from Ministry of Science and Technology and Shandong Provincial people's government. The purpose of this visit is to better promote cooperation in the globalization of hydrogen energy and build a global hydrogen energy ecosystem.

In the morning of April 26, Tan Xuguang went to the Toyota headquarters in Toyota City and had a discussion with Nakajima Yuki, executive officer, vice president and CTO of Toyota Motor. They had an in-depth discussion on the technical direction of the development of hydrogen energy industry and reached a consensus on how to promote the development of hydrogen energy in China and accelerate the realization of carbon neutrality.

Tan led a team of technical experts from Weichai to visit Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell production line and had in-depth exchanges with Toyota fuel cell technical experts. Toyota Motor executive officer and Chinese business director Ueda Tsuro accompanied the visit and exchange.

Tan was also invited to attend the memorial ceremony for Toyota Shoichiro, honorary President of Toyota Motor, during which he communicated with former Chairman Uchiyamada Takeshi and current Chairman Toyota Akio.

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