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Tan Xuguang: Weichai Must Not Talk Empty, Sway with Others, nor Waste Time When It Comes to Development of New Energy


In the morning of April 17, 2023, Tan Xuguang went to the power battery PACK factory of Weichai New Energy Power Technology, and had in-depth exchanges with R&D staff on power battery (liquid lithium battery, solid lithium battery), hydrogen fuel cell and solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). The theme of this visit is to keep pace with the times, respect the law of science, and establish the correct route of new energy technology. Tan Xuguang and Weichai young R&D staff launched a heated discussion.

Tan Xuguang said:

New energy is an inevitable result, but it is not a cure for all diseases. We should not be fooled by temporary trends and blindly joining the bustle, because nothing will get done. Young R&D staff must not be impetuous.

We should focus on the accurate positioning of "carbon neutrality" and settle down. Step by step, we should coordinate and promote cutting-edge research and engineering technologies such as power batteries, hydrogen fuel cells and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), and adhere to the road of science.

We should make precise investments with our eyes wide open. Invest in the worthy ones and avoid following the temporary trends. We should also not talk empty, because that is not our style.

New energy business should not only come with a good technical route, but also should consider the future scientific and technological progress, environmental protection, recycling, safe operation, market competition and other perspectives.

At the symposium, the chairman of Weichai New Energy Power Technology, the director of the Institute of Future Technology and doctors and experts in various fields have expressed their opinions. 'I'm glad to hear your debate,' Tan said. 'The academic ecology of our company is to let all thoughts from all fields flow freely. But when it comes to major investments, I must follow scientific and well-reasoned arguments, and not cause losses of state assets due to poor decision-making.”

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