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Tan Xuguang: Make Greater Efforts and Launch a Sprint In the First Half of the Year!


At 10:00 am on April 9, 2023, Shandong Heavy Industry Group held a mobilization meeting for the sprint in the first half of the year. Tan Xuguang gave a mobilization speech and 8 affiliated companies made statements. A total of 2,000 management of all levels from the Group and various affiliated companies attended the meeting online and offline.

Four Arduous Battles' must be won in the second quarter

The second quarter requires more effort and greater progress compared to the first quarter

In the continuous improvement of exports, make the brand renowned globally

he market share of complete vehicles in China needs to be significantly increased

nsure the commencement of major projects for transformation and upgrading

Main leaders of each enterprise should fully grasp the "Four Focus Points"

Deepen down to the front line for command, and focus on the market for all matters!

Adhere to quality first and always treat quality as the one-vote veto!

"Mining for gold" in a collaborative way, and remember that collaboration itself is the most significant "gold mine"!

rmly grasp cutting-edge technology because enterprises without core technology have no future!



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