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Tan Xuguang: Make Weichai's Intelligent "Brain" Stronger!


On the morning of April 5, 2023, Tan Xuguang visited Weichai Data Engineering Center, Simulation Business Department of Engine Research Institute, and Electronic Control and Software Research Institute to research the operation of the intelligent "brain" and held a symposium for scientific and technological personnel.

At the Data Engineering Center, Tan Xuguang asked in detail about digital twins, data governance, algorithm applications, etc. He said that data is the intelligent "brain" of enterprises, and data engineers need to deeply understand the business, focus on customer needs, accelerate software independent development and data application development, in order to create greater satisfaction for customers via data, and create a future with digital technology!

Tan Xuguang went to the Engine Research Institute to conduct specialized research on the development of simulation business and had in-depth exchanges with the doctoral team. He said that simulation is the intelligent "brain" of research and development. Young simulation teams should have dreams and dare to challenge, accelerate their simulation capabilities from leading the Chinese industry to leading the global industry, and achieve the goal of "creating the unprecedented and optimizing the existed"!

At the Electronic Control and Software Research Institute, Tan Xuguang conducted research on the development of electronic control strategies, software engineering, and control systems. He emphasized that electronic control is the intelligent "brain" of products, and young scientific and technological personnel must bear in mind the important instructions of Persident Xi Jinping, stride forward, take world-class breakthroughs in core technologies such as electronic control software and hardware, tool chain as the benchmark, leading China's power system to achieve high-level technological self-reliance and self-improvement!

Tan Xuguang presided over a symposium for scientific and technological personnel. He said that the investigate items today are all about Weichai's intelligent "brain". To maintain high-quality development and move towards world-class status, Weichai must first strengthen its intelligent "brain". The future of Weichai is pinned on young scientific and technological personnel!

After the symposium, Tan Xuguang had a meal with scientific and technological personnel at the canteen of Weichai Science and Technology Research Institute.

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