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Tan Xuguang: Embracing the World, Winning the Future


Within three years, Tan Xuguang made his first overseas "expedition" to Japan. From March 21 to April 1, 2023, Tan Xuguang and his team conducted inspections throughout Japan and exchanged ideas with relevant enterprises, economic circles, and universities on future development trends.

Tan Xuguang listened to the work report of the Tokyo Innovation Center in Japan. He said that the Tokyo Innovation Center needs to enhance its positioning, top-level design, rectify its weaknesses, move towards the forefront, accelerate its transformation to high-tech research and development, and organize an efficient team to provide cutting-edge technical support for Weichai’s global business.

Tan Xuguang visited and researched Suzuki Motors, and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with Mr. Osamu Suzuki, former chairman and general manager of Suzuki Motor. Tan Xuguang shown a strong interest in the development history of Suzuki Motor over a hundred years, and highly recognized that the spirit of craftsman can create a powerful enterprise.

Tan Xuguang had an academic exchange with Tokyo Institute of Technology on the future development direction of new energy vehicles, and discussed the development trend of future new energy vehicle technology routes.

Tan Xuguang listened to a special work report from the Lovol Japan Engineering Center at the Innovation Center in Tokyo. He said that Lovol Agricultural Machinery and Lovol Construction Machinery should rely on the Lovol Japan Engineering Center to strengthen deep cooperation with leading Japanese enterprises, enhance R&D capabilities, accelerate R&D progress, and promote agricultural machinery and engineering machinery to move towards world-class development.

At the Tokyo Innovation Center, Tan Xiguang held a seminar meeting on product innovation between Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicles and Tokyo Innovation Center. He said that we should fully leverage the research and development advantages of the Tokyo Innovation Center in Japan, establish a forward development process, explore cutting-edge technologies around the future development of new energy and artificial intelligence, fill the gaps in domestic automotive electronics and other business, and increase cooperation efforts in light trucks, pickup trucks, engines, and other fields.

Global subsidiaries, including Ferretti Group (Italy), Kion Group (Germany) and Dematic(USA), all sent teams to Tokyo for special work presentation. Tan Xuguang said that the page of the epidemic has been turned over, and Weichai's global enterprises need to quickly respond to ecological changes and achieve high-quality development; Enterprises should always be in line with international standards, participate in global competition, and move towards world-class development.

During Tan Xuguang's stay in Japan, leaders and technical personnel from relevant companies of the Group accompanied him for research.

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