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Tan Xuguang: There Is No Shortcut to Success but Hard Work


On January 21, 2023 (Chinese New Year's Eve) at 11:00 a.m., Tan Xuguang led the senior management team to join the extreme condition test team and overseas marketing staff by video connection, and sent New Year wishes.

Tan Xuguang wishes happy New Year to the extreme condition test team still working in Hailar and Heihe under minus 42 degrees Celsius.

During the Chinese New Year, a team of 66 engineers, including Weichai Power, Sinotruk and Weichai Levol Intelligent Agriculture, conducted extreme coldness tests of new products in Hailar and Heihe, where temperatures were minus 42 degrees Celsius. This was the best time for engine test, the extreme condition test team will seize this opportunity to carry out tests every year to obtain the best data. Tan Xuguang, on behalf of the whole Group, wished them a happy New Year and expressed his heartfelt thanks.

On January 20, entrusted by the Group, Huang Weibiao, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of Weichai Group, Tai Xuecheng, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of Sinotruk Group, and Wu Xiaoyong, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of Weichai Levol Intelligent Agriculture arrived in Hailar and Heihe in advance to spend the New Year with front-line engineers.

Tan had a video conference with more than 600 overseas frontline staff from 77 countries

Tan Xuguang sent holiday greetings to the product export and after-sales service personnel who stick to overseas through video, and listened to the reports of the offices in Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Egypt. Tan Xuguang hopes that all overseas marketing personnel rely on the spirit of hard work, promote the spirit of hardship, and strive to achieve the goal of exporting 10 billion dollars of products.

Tan Xuguang said that we will not forget you at the headquarters of the Group during the holiday. We will provide you with all the efficient allocation of resources at all times, and do your best to arrange logistics support services for your family. We wish you a happy New Year and a happy family together.

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