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Tan Xuguang Signs 2023 "Military Mission Commitment" with Weichai Group General Manager Ma Changhai and Weichai Power Executive CEO Zhang Quan


At 2:00 PM on January 20, 2023, Weichai Group held the signing ceremony of 2023 "Military Mission Commitment".

Tan Xuguang, Ma Changhai, general manager of Weichai Group, and Zhang Quan, executive CEO of Weichai Power, signed the "commitment" of the battles that Weichai must win in 2023.

Tan Xuguang signed the “commitment" online with Zhi Baojing, general manager of Shacman, Wang Zhanchao, general manager of Hande Axle and Ma Xuyao, general manager of Fast Transmission.

Tan Xuguang signed the "commitement" online with Chen Guangyun, general manager of Torch Technology, Pan Xiaodong, general manager of Zhuzhou Gears and Dong Changjiang, CEO of Asiastar Bus.

Ma Changhai, general manager of Weichai Group, Wang Guimin, general manager of Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agriculture, Wang Qijiang, COO of Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicles, Yin Xiaoqing, general manager of Weichai Heavy Machinery and Wang Bin, and general manager of Lovol Heavy Industry also signed the "military commitment".

Zhang Quan, executive CEO of Weichai Power, signed the "commitment" with the heads of seven marketing companies in the engine business.

Tan Xuguang proposed the following requirements:

Weichai will stay at the front line of rejuvenating China with power and go all out to achieve a high level of scientific and technological self-reliance.

Weichai will not retreat and keep moving forward to break out a new road of high quality development.

Weichai will coordinate attack and defense, and must build an "aircraft carrier battle group" that can win together.

Weichai will rush to the front from top to bottom to ensure that the first quarter of the year starts with a win.

Tan Xuguang said, there’s no use arguing with the results from the market. We must face the market and take precise actions with our own hands.

More than 1,000 management of Weichai Group and domestic ownership companies attended the meeting online and offline.

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