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Tan Xuguang Goes to Chongqing Ownership Enterprises For Research


From January 12 to 13, 2023, Tan Xuguang went to Chongqing to Chongqing Fuel Pump High-tech Electronic Fuel Injection System, Chongqing Weichai Engine, and Sinotruk (Chongqing) Light Automobile, and listened to the reports of their planning and operation in detail.

Tan Xuguang: Details determine success or failure

When Tan Xuguang investigated in Chongqing Fuel Pump High-tech Electronic Fuel Injection System, he fully affirmed the company's progress in product innovation, technology innovation and process innovation. He emphasized that R&D investment that counts 11% of your sales revenue is still too low. There should be no limit to your R&D expenses. You should truly make up for all the weaknesses in our industry and develop into a "little giant" in the global industry. Tan Xuguang paid great attention to the company's craftsman innovation on production technology. He proposed that production technology engineers who did not understand the products could not do well in production technology innovation, and he required that "details determine success or failure" should be the core culture of the company.

Tan Xuguang: Chongqing Weichai should become an important engine base of the group in Southwest China

Tan Xuguang said in the research of Chongqing Weichai Engine that Chongqing Weichai should base on the "gold mine" of industrial resources in Chongqing, increase investment in research and development, technical transformation, and build an important engine research and development and manufacturing base facing southwest China region and inland river shipping.

Tan Xuguang: The light truck of Sinotruk will open up the blue sea in the red sea

Tan Xuguang said in the investigation of Sinotruk (Chongqing) Light Vehicle that the Company shouldered the strategic responsibility of the group to develop light commercial vehicles. They need to find the right positioning in the market segment, focus on big things, to ensure that the new products hit the ground running, and quickly establish the brand reputation.

During the investigation, Tan Xuguang visited the main leaders of Chongqing’s Jiangjin District CPC Committee and Government.

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