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Tan Xuguang: Go All Out to Fulfill the Target of $10 billion Export Revenue


At 4:00 PM on December 29, 2022, the video conference of Shandong Heavy Industry Group- Weichai Power overseas sales offices was held in the conference center of the global headquarters building. The meeting was attended online and offline by a total of 1,800 people, including relevant leaders of the Group's companies, all leading management of the export systems and 287 overseas sales office employees.

Tan Xuguang: In 2022, the Group's product exports achieved unprecedented growth

Export performance hit a new high

New breakthroughs had been made in high-end overseas markets

New breakthroughs had been made in high-end overseas markets

Overcoming difficulties ensured delivery of orders


Tan Xuguang: Relevant management needs to bring their firearms to the front line

Tan Xuguang requires that the relevant management should set examples to rush in the front line, and spend the Chinese New Year together with sales staff in the market. You are leading troops in a battle, not a banquet. You need to go to the front line to detect the situation, not hide in the office to listen to reports. You are needed in the front line to solve practical problems, not making more trouble.

Tan Xuguang: Export staff needs to be responsible, brave and sufficient.

Understand the war through the war.

Understand the products to play a good combination of promotion.

Understand how to complement each other up in the market.

Open up sales channels to achieve multi-win.

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