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Tan Xuguang: Fight the Epidemic, Guarantee the Orders, Success Belongs to the Persevering!


At 11:30 a.m. on November 27, 2022, Tan Xuguang hosted a video conference on the prevention and control of the epidemic in Shandong Heavy Industry, during which the report on epidemic prevention and operation status of the Group's subsidiaries in Shandong was presented. The managemenet team of the Group headquarters and the subsidiaries attended the conference.

Tan Xuguang said at the conference that success belongs to the persevering. Strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control policy, and never breed weariness for fighting on. Ensure that the global orders in the current month are delivered as scheduled. Maintaining the normal operation of the industrial chain is even more important in tough times in order to win the battle for economic stability. Leaders at all levels should go deep into the front-line, personally participate in leading, duty and command, provide family-like services for employees who adhere to front-line production in an unconditional, all-weather and high-level manner, and ensure employees' health.

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