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Tan Xuguang: Always Adhere to "Technology Is the First Productive Force, Talent Is the First Resource, and Innovation is the First Power"


At 11:00 am on October 30, 2022, the opening ceremony of Weichai Science and Technology General Research Institute and Talent Apartment was held in Weichai Industrial Park. Tan Xuguang attended and made a speech. More than 10,000 Weichai global science and technology workers participated online and offline.

Chen Wenmiao, the director of Future Technology Research Institute at Weichai Power Science and Technology General Research Institute, and Wang Shujun, the representative of the 20th National Congress and the "Craftsman of the Country", unveiled Weichai Power Science and Technology General Research Institute. Representatives of new college graduates unveiled the Weichai Talent Apartment.

Tan Xuguang said that it took Weichai Power Science and Technology General Research Institute 10 years from its planning and construction to its official use today. The total investment in software and hardware these 10 years has exceeded 11 billion yuan, forming the global R&D layout of "eight institutes and one center" and marking that Weichai's independent R&D capability has entered the forefront of the global industry. 


Tan Xuguang said that, on this new platform, we should create the largest scientific and technological productivity, gather the world's top talent resources, burst out an unprecedented innovation momentum, and let a more powerful Weichai stand at the forefront of global power technology.

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