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Let the Special Prize Show You How Awesome the Production Team Leader of Weichai Is


A few days ago, the final of the "Red Flag Cup" 3rd National Machinery Industry Team Leader Management Skills Competition ended successfully.

With the excellent management level of front-line teams, Weichai has achieved the grand slam of relevant awards. Weichai’s own Liu Tongtong won the special prize, Ding Yongcui and Pang Shuying won the first prize, Ma Yongliang, Li Weixin, Wang Shaopeng, Han Yue, Xu Lulu and Zhang Bo won the second prize, and 41 other contestants won the third prize and the Excellence Award. At the same time, Weichai Group won the Best Organization Award and Special Contribution Award.

(Note: only listing part of the list)

The National Machinery Industry Team Leader Management Skills Competition is an industry-level competition sponsored by the China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association. The theme of this year’s competition is "cultivating elites in teams and building a great country", involving 14 categories and 32 sub-sectors of the machinery industry. A total of 1,137 companies and nearly 50,000 team leaders signed up for the competition. After fierce competition in the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals, 502 award winners were decided.

Special Prize Winner Liu Tongtong

First Prize Winner Ding Yongcui

First Prize Winner Pang Shuying

As a leading enterprise in the industry, Weichai has participated in this competition for three consecutive years and achieved excellent results. Promoting learning and training through competition, the majority of team leaders are encouraged to practice their skills and improve their quality, consolidate the foundation of corporate grassroots management, and inject a strong talent impetus for the group to achieve high-quality development.

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