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Tan Xuguang: Sinotruk Has Fulfilled Its Promise Four Years Ago with Brilliant Achievements!


At 9:00 a.m. on August 30th, 2022, the Fourth Anniversary of the Reorganization of Sinotruk by Shandong Heavy Industry was held in Jinan. 82 sub venues were set up synchronously. More than 3000 leading cadres of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and its affiliated companies participated in the meeting online and offline.

Tan Xuguang said that in the past four years, Sinotruk has achieved “Four Major Leaps”:

Tan Xuguang said that the success of the past four years mainly benefited from the “Four-adhear”:

Adhear to leading by example, only a united team with highly unified values can be invincible

Adhere to fearless management, fight against all “disabled” and “deficient” in the spirit of uncompromising

Adhere to the dream of science and technology, gather the innovation driving force of taking initiative at work like thousands of horses galloping

Adhere to the purification of enterprise ecology, transparency makes management maladies nowhere to hide


Tan Xuguang said that in order to become a world-class enterprise, Sinotruk should achieve "Five Musts":

Must realize the strategic vision of a world-class full series commercial vehicle group

Must acquire indestructible and irreplaceable core technological competitiveness

Must create the most eye-catching business card for China's commercial vehicles to enter the world

Must break out a surging momentum in the course of continuous reform

Must infuse the Centennial heavy truck with vivid cultural gene



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