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Tan Xuguang: Show Unlimited Tenacity in Downturn Period of the Industry


On the morning of August 7, 2022, the economic operation analysis meeting of Shandong Heavy Industry · Weichai Power in the first half of 2022 was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi. 340 leading cadres from Shandong Heavy Industry, Weichai Power and major domestic companies attended the meeting.

Tan Xuguang: Get things done, any bad comment is meaningless. Things not done, any praise is useless.

Tan Xuguang said that in the first half of this year, facing the complex and severe situation, the market share of the Group's main products continued to increase, and the export of its products exploded. The enterprise has withstood the arduous test of the periodicity trough of the industry, demonstrated strong development tenacity as well as wind and wave resistance, and proved to be one of the enterprises with the best operation quality in the industry.

Tan Xuguang: Fighting alone, just like what the Kuomintang army did in those years, is certain to lose. Only by forming a joint force to overcome difficulties can we achieve final victory, just as the army led by our Communists liberated the whole of China.

Focusing on the work in the second half of the year, Tan Xuguang said that joint operations are the only option, and fighting alone is a dead end. We need to cooperate effectively, form a joint force, strike hard and achieve all-win results. Like trying to squeeze out the last drop of water from the towel, cost control should be the top priority during the industry downturn.

Tan Xuguang: Implement the new development concept, we entrepreneurs in the New Era should possess “Four Spirits”

At the end of his speech, Tan Xuguang pointed out that in the face of the unprecedented great changes in a century and the complicated and severe economic situation, the leading cadres at all levels of the Group, especially the principal leaders, should thoroughly implement the new development concept and vigorously promote the "Four Spirits".

Speculation spirit that penetrate the law of development

Self-analysis spirit that adhere to problem oriented

Open spirit that is willing to accept new things

Cooperative spirit that commit to integrating global resources

After the meeting, all participants from Shandong Heavy Industry and Weichai Power visited the new manufacturing base of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd. and the ‘Digital’ factory of Fast Co., Ltd. under Weichai Power.

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