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"Take Off! Shandong High-end Equipment Manufacturing" Shandong Heavy Industry Groups Holds New Technology Achievement Exhibition and Launches China’s First Commercial Hydrogen ICE heavy Truck


  On the morning of June 15, 2022, on the occasion of the "National Low-Carbon Day", Sinotruk and Weichai Power jointly released the first commercial hydrogen ICE heavy truck in China at the Shandong Heavy Industry New Science and Technology Achievement Exhibition of "Take off! Shandong High-end Equipment Manufacturing". It is another milestone in major scientific and technological breakthroughs in promoting the transformation of multiple energy sources and assisting China’s carbon strategy.

  This truck is a new generation of high-end heavy-duty trucks under the Yellow River brand of Sinotruk. It is equipped with a 13L hydrogen internal combustion engine independently developed by Weichai Power, and can be commercially applied to various special scenarios. Since 2018, Weichai Power has deployed hydrogen internal combustion engine technology, quickly completed breakthroughs in key core technologies and commercial applications, mastered a number of original patented technologies, and achieved an effective thermal efficiency of 41.8%, which has once again established a new global benchmark with the development of China's power industry.

  Shandong Heavy Industry Group New Science and Technology Achievement Exhibition focused on the latest flagship products and core technologies of its six major industrial chains of powertrain systems, commercial vehicles, agricultural equipment, construction machinery, intelligent logistics, and marine mobility, fully demonstrating the innovation strength and development tenacity of the high-end equipment industry in Shandong.


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