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"Chief Referee" Tan Xuguang: Prescribe Weichai's Administrational Departments Some "Anti-inflammatory Drugs"


  From May 8 to 9, Weichai Group held a special meeting on the rectification of administrational departments presided by Tan Xuguang. 15 departments reported their work in turn, and the participants "roasted" them. Through the form of "self-analysis + sharp questions + comments and scoring", the "full transparency" management revolution was launched. A total of 2,600 people attended the meeting online and offline, including junior and senior management, and employee representatives of Weichai Group and Shandong Heavy Industry's affiliated companies.

Tan Xuguang's "diagnosis " for administrational departments

  Four "attitude" issues:

  Bureaucracy: see only the way going up, not the basic methods

  Cowardice: avoid contradictions and push back problems

  Inertia: would rather not innovate than make things go wrong

  Self-righteousness: do not listen to what others say

  Four "system" issues:

  The contradiction between institutional process and efficient operation has not achieved dialectical unity

  The lack of transparency and fairness makes operation management lose its authority and people's hearts

  Fake management in other’s name is irresponsible management work

  Data that cannot be used is a huge loss for management

Tan Xuguang's "prescription" for administrational departments

  Tan Xuguang said that we must keep in mind the requirement of General Secretary Xi Jinping to "be always under alert" and normalize the "criticizing" mechanism. The administrational departments must offer precise management and control, business empowerment, activation, and service to the frontline. The "laziness" of loose management must be corrected, and enterprise reform must be done.

  Tan Xuguang said in his conclusion that the results of this meeting exceeded his imagination. It seems that we must reorganize the company every three to five years. I estimate that this reorganization can work well for three to five years, and it is best for us to have this stress test every year.

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