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Tan Xuguang: We Must Speed Up Structural Adjustment Even In the Market Downturn


  On the afternoon of May 5, Tan Xuguang went to Weichai's global intelligent logistics distribution center and additive manufacturing center to investigate the global supply chain status and the formulation of the new round of investment projects.

"Open up the supply chain to ensure stable growth!"

  Tan Xuguang first came to the Dematic intelligent sorting line of Weichai's global intelligent logistics distribution center and asked in detail about the current logistics distribution and supply chain security. Afterwards, he came to the second phase project of the global intelligent logistics distribution center under construction to schedule the progress of the project. He said that the current export of products and the smooth supply chain are the top priorities for the group to win the first half of the year. All possible measures must be taken to mobilize global resources to ensure that export products can go out, technological transformation equipment can come in, and supply chains can come in.

"Build a world-class intelligent additive manufacturing center!"

  Tan Xuguang came to the Weichai 3D printing intelligent manufacturing center under construction and asked about the project construction and equipment availability. He demanded that we must build a world-class, domestic irreplaceable additive manufacturing center in accordance with the flexible, agile, and future-oriented system concept to provide guarantee for the research and development of high-end power projects.

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