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Tan Xuguang: Let the Communist Youth League Become a Strong Magnet to Attract Young People


  At 9:00 am on May 3, Tan Xuguang presided over Weichai Group's celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Youth League and a symposium for Communist Youth League branch leaders.

  At the meeting, Tan Xuguang shared his experience of serving as the secretary of the Youth League Branch while working in the Weichai Product Laboratory. He said that the Communist Youth League is the assistant and reserve army to CPC. Young people are the strong backbone of the enterprise, the young idea is the power source of a century-old Weichai, and the young creation is the "nuclear" driving force for the enterprise to move towards the first-class.

  Tan Xuguang said that Weichai CYL organizations at all levels should actively explore the management methods in the new era, select and train outstanding grass-roots league management, and reserve a strong reserve army for the future of the company, so as to truly make "work in Weichai and be happy in Weichai." into the life of young Weichai people.

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