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Tan Xuguang: Eradicate the Behavior of "Empty Words and No Actions after Resolutions"


  On May 1st International Labor Day, Tan Xuguang had a discussion with representatives of Weichai's front-line scientists, and discussed ideas, suggestions and implementation around the Weichai Technology Incentive and Commendation Conference. A total of more than 3,500 technological workers participated online and offline.

  Tan Xuguang said that it is necessary to solve the phenomenon of "bureaucratic corruption" in the enterprise where the management within the group give "empty words and no actions after resolutions". We should accurately implement the technological incentive implementation plan, and comprehensively create an ecology of "pioneering", so as to achieve innovation participated by all. Everyone must be clear that time is more important than money, and efficiency is more important than investment. We must make every effort to speed up the training of top technology leaders born in the 1980s. Let them take on important responsibilities, cherish the platform, inherit the culture, and become the scientific and technological pillars of the group for the next 20 years.

"Build first-class production equipment manufacturing capabilities!"

  Before the symposium, Tan Xuguang went to Weichai Production Equipment Technology Company and said that we will build world-class independent research and development and manufacturing capabilities for production technology and equipment, and firmly grasp the core technology secrets of technology equipment in our own hands.

"Create 'Five-star' Office Environment for Technological Personnel"

  As a major investment project, Weichai’s new General Research Institute of Science and Technology started construction in 2020 with a total investment of 2 billion yuan. It is built according to world-class standards and can accommodate 10,000 people. Before it was put into use, Tan Xuguang went to the site again and emphasized that the new General Research Institute of Science and Technology should have first-class equipment, first-class functions, first-class environment, and first-class ecology, and create a "five-star" office environment for technological personnel.

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