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Tan Xuguang: Technological Innovation Never Lives on Empty Words


  At 15:00 pm on April 26, Weichai Group's 2021 Technology Incentive and Commendation Conference was held in Weifang, commending the company's major technological innovation achievements, with a total reward of 64.41 million yuan. 61-year-old electronic control software expert Dr. Zeng Pin, 64-year-old German expert in hydraulic transmission Dr. Du Hongliu, and 63-year-old after-treatment system expert Dr. Li Qin won the Special Contribution Award for High-end Talents with a reward of 2 million yuan for each. Also presented were two Weichai Technology Invention Awards, with a reward of 5 million yuan for each. More than 6,000 people attended the conference online and offline.

Tan Xuguang presented awards to the winning representatives

Tan Xuguang made a report on technological innovation work

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